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25 Animals That Are Real And Dangerous! Tabs, Wed., March 29, 2023


...Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale legally purchased seven guns at Nashville area gun shops in recent years, keeping them hidden from their parents... ...There's been another weird twist in the case of Adnan Syed, the subject of the Serial podcast that sparked all the other true crime podcasts that... ...Nebraska's Teacher of the Year for 2022, Renee Jones, says that Kirk Penner, the vice chair of the state board of Education, has been bullying her... ...Syed's conviction in the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee was overturned last September, because a judge agreed the prosecution had failed...

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Only A Sick Culture Worships Guns


...Monday's massacre at The Covenant School in Nashville gave them a new target, and we'll unfortunately cover their transphobic garbage as it develops... ...These aren't people who just own guns for self-defense and other assorted Clint Eastwood purposes.... ...According to a statistical analysis from Adam Lankford, an associate professor of criminal justice at the University of Alabama who studies mass... ...Pray for all facing the unimaginable in Nashville. This is horrible & must stop. As Richard Pryor would say, "dig how ignorant" Rick Scott is....

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Tennessee Republicans Have Mass Shootings All Figured Out: More Guns, Everywhere, Always


...Andy Ogles, who only won his seat thanks to Republican gerrymandering, is getting dragged a-plenty for his Christmas card demonstrating his family's... ...As Yr Wonkette noted earlier, brand new member of Congress Rep.... ...Marsha Blackburn, who's benefited from more than $1.3 million in total spending by the National Rifle Association over her House and Senate career... ...And now, if Joe Biden tries to take all the guns, the guns can take refuge in Maury County, where people will presumably hide them just like Anne...

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A Famously Rude Australian Dining Experience Is Coming To Bellevue. Tabs, Tues., March 28, 2023


...Portland, Oregon's legendary drag queen Darcelle (off-stage name Walter Cole) has passed away at 92. (Oregonian).... ...Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is already receiving death threats, which was likely Donald Trump's intent all along.... ...(Washington Post). Andrew Lloyd Weber's Bad Cinderella is apparently truth in advertising. (New York Times)... ..."We need more people like George Santos in Congress." (Mother Jones)....

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We Watched Clips Of That Damn Trump/Hannity Interview So You Don't Have To


...Donald Trump's time-out from Fox News is apparently over, because he got to have a great big sexxxy love-in with Sean Hannity last night.... ...So back into the fold you come, Trump! Sorry, Ron DeSantis.... ...Trump said Joe Biden has bigger problems with classified documents than he does, and Hannity said Hillary Clinton has the most problems of all.... ...To put that in context, Michael Cohen once memorably testified about how Trump always gave his orders in code, like a mob boss....

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Liz Cheney Correct About Thing


...Liz Cheney Correct About Thing.... ...Let's check in with Liz Cheney, a person whose Twitter bio these days identifies her as a rodeo mom and a soccer mom and a baseball mom and a constitutional... ...Let's check in with Adam Kinzinger, the other Republican who worked with Cheney on the January 6 Committee to help expose the terrorist attack Donald... ...In the past 24 hours he has also retweeted people basically calling that gun-humper Republican congressman Andy Ogles who represents Nashville garbage...

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Kansas City Cop Blows Whistle On Department's Jim Crow Policing


...Kansas City Cop Blows Whistle On Department's Jim Crow Policing. ... ...Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once said a world without police would look like white suburbs.... ...Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker wrote a public letter in 2021 stating that the Kansas City Police Department had lost the community's... ...Edward Williams, a 44-year-old white Kansas City, Missouri, Police officer with 21 years experience on the force, blew the whistle recently on a...

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Trump Howls As Pecker Leaks All Over Grand Jury


...We're talking of course about David Pecker, the former publisher of the National Enquirer and head of American Media Inc.... ...Trump Howls As Pecker Leaks All Over Grand Jury.... ...As Rudy Giuliani famously admitted to Sean Hannity on air, "When I heard of Cohen's retainer for $130,000, he was doing no work for the president... ...Because, although Trump and his minions seem very hot to discredit Cohen as a liar and a fraud, DA Alvin Bragg is clearly going to corroborate everything...

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Gross Trump Idiot Stephen Miller's Face Gonna Get Stuck Like That If He Doesn't Smile More On Fox News...


...This quick post, though, is about Trump Nazi Stephen Miller, and how his face is going to stick like that if he keeps sneering and losing his little... ...Gross Trump Idiot Stephen Miller's Face Gonna Get Stuck Like That If He Doesn't Smile More On Fox News.... ...The subject matter was Donald Trump's interview with Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham and the other guest Miranda Devine were not giving sufficient... ...deference to Stephen Miller's lord and king Donald Trump....

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Elon Announces New Safe Space For Idiots Who Give Him Money, It Is The "For You" Tab


...We didn't know we would so quickly need to update our last post on what a joke Elon Musk has turned Twitter into.... ...Elon Announces New Safe Space For Idiots Who Give Him Money, It Is The "For You" Tab.... ...You know, like the "Catturd" poll Donald Trump is so proud of beating Ron DeSantis in. Because real winners win the "Catturd" poll.... ...Daily Wire hosts, in the name of "fairness."...

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