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A gaming Chromebook with an Nvidia RTX graphics card? Sign me up

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...These Chrome-powered laptops, like the otherwise pretty solid Acer Chromebook 516 GE, don't actually run games locally, instead relying on cloud-based... ...Google has been pushing the notion of "gaming Chromebooks" for a while now, and I"ve been thoroughly unconvinced.... ...More specifically, the Chromium Gerrit code repository details two different Chromebooks codenamed "Cora" and "Zeus" – though which laptop manufacturer... ...With Intel"s Arc GPUs rapidly improving and AMD stepping into the handheld gaming space, it's good to see Nvidia taking steps to make gaming more...

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Dimension of moduli stack and moduli space of sheaves on surface

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Biden, McCarthy Reach Final Agreement to Avoid Debt-Limit Default


...President Joe Biden said Sunday evening that he and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had put the finishing touches on a bipartisan agreement to raise... ...In a brief statement to reporters at the White House, Biden said he had “good news” to share.... ...Though both Democrats and Republicans criticized the broad outlines of the tentative deal"s provisions, McCarthy said in an appearance on Fox News... ...Biden, who said he was confident the deal would reach his desk, “strongly” urged both chambers of Congress to pass the agreement....

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Using psychedelics for depression is exciting area, says ex-vaccines chief

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...Speaking at a panel event alongside the UK government's former chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, Kate Bingham said she was hopeful that... ...Kate Bingham, who chaired UK"s Covid vaccine taskforce, tells Hay festival she hopes mind-altering drugs could treat mental illness The former chair... ...patients in UK hospitals on a clinical trial.... ...asked Bingham, though she added that she thought the research would “come through”....

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Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti review: Iterative improvements


...The Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 Ti is the latest in the Ada Lovelace lineup.... ...It's the next-gen equivalent to the very popular RTX 3060 Ti and brings support for all new technologies like DLSS 3, frame generation, path-tracing... ...MWII is based on DirectX 12, which can fully utilize the new Ada Lovelace technologies.... ...Add to that, there have been massive improvements to the power and thermal efficiency of the overall design, thanks to the improved Ada Lovelace...

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Scientists Develop New Antibiotic To Kill Superbug Using AI


...Using machine learning, scientists from McMaster University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to find a new antibiotic to kill... ...Scientists have used AI to discover a new antibiotic that can fight a drug-resistant superbug deemed a “critical” threat by the World Health Organization... ...antibacterial activity,” the study published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology. ... ...It has become resistant to most antibiotics and the World Health Organization said back in 2017 that new antibiotics were “urgently needed” to fight...

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2 Less-Obvious Tech Stocks That Can Use AI to Disrupt

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...Undoubtedly, not every firm can stack up against Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) on the AI front.... ...Simply put, the Nvidia trade is crowded right now, perhaps too crowded for the value-conscious crowd....

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Nvidia and MediaTek Partner to Revolutionize In-Car Infotainment ...

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..., always-connected vehicles," said Rick Tsai, MediaTek CEO, in a statement.... ..."Vestel VES236WNEC-01 - board 2 - Mediatek MT5820LUNU-1562" by Raimond Spekking is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.... ..."By integrating the NVIDIA GPU chiplet into its automotive offering, MediaTek aims to enhance the performance capabilities of its Dimensity Auto... ...launches Sara, world"s first check-in robot assistant that can match faces with passports  Nvidia has a range of GPU solutions for computers and...

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X-ray emissions from black hole jets vary unexpectedly, challenging leading model of particle acceleration...

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...by University of Maryland Baltimore County Researchers discovered only relatively recently that black hole jets emit X-rays, and how the jets accelerate... ...Surprising new findings in Nature Astronomy appear to rule out one leading theory, opening the door to reimagining how particle acceleration works... ...Eileen Meyer, an astronomer at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.... ...Provided by University of Maryland Baltimore County X-ray emissions from black hole jets vary unexpectedly, challenging leading model of particle...

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One of a kind: Israeli high-tech pioneer Zohar Zisapel's final interview

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..."You see I changed my hairstyle because of the chemo," Zohar Zisapel said at the beginning of the interview "I don't look like that in your pictures... ...The veteran high-tech entrepreneur, one of the founding fathers of the local industry, battled cancer for a long period of time, and the interview... ...Israel Among the better known ones are RAD Data Communications, Radware, Radwin, RADCOM, Silicom Connectivity Solutions and Ceragon Networks According... ...of the conversation "High-tech has dozens of fathers, from Gil Shwed to very young entrepreneurs, such as Assaf Rappaport from Wiz or Yevgeny Dibrov...