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Slivovitz, a spirit with a cherished Jewish history, gets UNESCO World Heritage protection - JTA News > food

..., Eastern and Central Europe.... ...As a result, the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity at Italy's University of Gastronomic Sciences wrote in a primer on the drink, "the Polish...

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Church and state in Ukraine, "un-baptisms" in Belgium, and bread in France

...Church and state in Ukraine, "un-baptisms" in Belgium, and bread in France. The Friday Pillar Post.... ...Peter Catholic Church, and pastoral assistant Ruth Prats, "beyond shocking."....

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Fox News shares how she overcame struggles in her faith | Living News > books

...Fox News host Harris Faulkner says that finding her father's Bible after his tragic death reignited her faith in God during the pandemic.... ...told The Christian Post....

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Russia's Influence in the Balkans

...resents the region's push for integration with the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and it seeks to leverage... ...While much of the region seeks deeper integration with the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), experts say Moscow...

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Will Biden meet with any African leader one-on-one? > newsletters

...Will Biden meet with any African leader one-on-one?  POLITICO...

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Disney Accused of Pushing "We Love Satan" in Tim Allen's "The Santa Clauses" Scene But Is It True? > cbnnews > entertainment > december

...Actor Tim Allen's "The Santa Clauses" on Disney+ has faced an array of press coverage, with some deriding the series and others supporting it.... ...Politifact, for its part, wrote, "In context that's missing from both the blog and Instagram post, this is clearly a joke.". -- John Rich (@johnrich...

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Infowars host Alex Jones files for personal bankruptcy > ap > business

...a hoax. - Tyler Sizemore - pool, Pool Hearst Connecticut Media.... ...Prosecutors have resumed their closing argument in the Trump Organization's criminal tax fraud trial, promising to share previously unrevealed details...

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Scientists Develop 12-Hour Method to Predict Diabetes Onset in Patients Using Artificial Intelligence > ap > business

...Scientists at Klick Applied Sciences have discovered a way to transform a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) into a powerful diabetes screening and... .... - Filip Viskupi? - South Dakota State University, David Wiltse - South Dakota State University....

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Prince William, like his father, prioritizes the environment > ap > national

...Britain's Prince William greets people in the crowd after a visit to Roca on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022, in Chelsea, Ma. - Nancy Lane - pool, Pool The... ...LOS ANGELES -- In summing up the case against Harvey Weinstein for jurors this week, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Marlene Martinez...

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In Defense of Manuals and Manualism