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Two Maker’s Mark Alums Are Opening Their Own Bourbon Distillery

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...These include Jack Daniel’s master distiller Jeff Arnett moving on to Company Distilling and Old Forester master taster Jackie Zykan cofounding the... ...of innovation and blending Jane Bowie were leaving the storied Kentucky distillery to embark upon a new venture.... ...Bowie and Potter seem to have left Maker’s on good terms, and managing director Rob Samuels offered some glowing words about their contribution to... ...Now comes the news of their new venture, aptly called Potter Jane Distilling Company, a new distillery that will be located in Springfield, Kentucky...

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Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake Just Opened a Sports Bar and Members Club Together in N.Y.C.

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...Let me know if you’ve heard this one before: Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake walk into a bar … Well, actually, the golfer and the musician have... ...teamed up to open a bar: T-Squared Social (Tiger and Timberlake, obviously) debuted on Wednesday in Midtown Manhattan, the New York Post reported... ...There are more than a dozen craft cocktails--including a Smoked Old Fashioned, the Grand Central Negroni, and a Back 9 Hot Toddy--and the beer list... ...Three types of pork belly (candied, braised, and hoisin-glazed) are served with popcorn, while a Montauk Board comes with a plethora of seafood (...

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"I Was Fired On The First Day": People Are Sharing Times Their Coworkers (Or Even Themselves) Were Fired From A New Job Almost Immediately...


...A little while ago, Reddit user u/bartertownbeer asked the question, "What is the fastest you have ever seen a new coworker get fired?"... ..."I had to train a woman as a cocktail waitress. She was miffed that she hadn't been hired as a bartender at a high-volume top 40 meat market.... ..."My first job was as a hostess at a nice restaurant....

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People Can't Believe Someone's Meal Cost $78 At Newark Airport, And Now It's A Meme

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...This one was started by moderate/conservative columnist David Brooks, who posted a supposed $78 meal at Newark Airport with the caption, "This is... ...People were jokingly posting their own "airport meals." this meal just cost me 78 dollars at the newark airport....

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9 Stellar White Wines to Drink This Fall

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...Their director of winemaking is Fredrick Johansson, their winemaker is Matt Peterson, and their cellar master is Kyle Kemp.... ...Their winemakers are Nigel Kinsman and Francoise Peschon, who work directly with consulting winemaker Michel Rolland....

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This tiny, mighty banchan shop is L.A.'s vital new lunchtime destination

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...When Jihee Kim began her Perilla L.A. takeout project in summer 2020, she taught many of us to savor banchan as the meal itself.... ...Los Angeles food obsessives have long deliberated over which Koreatown restaurants serve the finest spreads of banchan — and whether the merit in... ...An array of banchan from Perilla L.A. (Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times) Perilla L.A. owner and chef Jihee Kim. ... ...Kim moved to the Golden State when she was 20, first living in the San Diego area before relocating to San Francisco for culinary school....

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Suntory is Releasing a 21-Year-Old Bottle of its Highly Coveted Hibiki Whisky

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...Hibiki launched in 1989 as a blend of whiskies from Suntory’s three distilleries—malt producers Yamazaki and Hakushu, and grain distillery Chita.... ...That’s not necessarily the case when it comes to whisky powerhouse Suntory, however, which continues to release highly coveted whiskies.... ...If you're looking for some much easier to acquire bottles from Suntory, including Roku Gin, Haku Vodka, and Toki Japanese Whisky, check out the selection... ...The other new release is an anniversary edition of the NAS Hibiki Harmony....

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The 10 Best Cookbooks Coming This Fall

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...Karen Akunowicz, the chef behind Boston’s Fox & the Knife and Bar Volpe, has made waves in the culinary industry, winning a James Beard Award for... ...With his latest cookbook, though, JJ Johnson is here to help....

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This Viral But Strange Recipe Involves Putting Ice Cream In The Oven, And It's Confusing The Internet So Much That I Had To Make It Myself...


...This recipe from Allrecipes specified using 2 cups of ice cream and 1 1/2 cups of self-rising flour....

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‘Nourishing and polarising’: Thanh Truong’s recipes for bitter melon

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...Children of Vietnamese parents might have strong feelings about the bumpy green gourd, but fruiterer Thanh Truong AKA Fruit Nerd sings its praises... ...Having travelled Asia extensively for work, I have eaten many varietals of bitter melon cooked in myriad ways: in Kyoto, Japan, I ate fried white... ...spiky bitter melon, called goya, from a street stall; in Shenzhen, China, I was served finely sliced ku gua bitter melon pickled in sugar, served...