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Have a Chat With Hundreds of Historical Figures


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Before Governors" Push on School Breakfast, Black Panthers Were ...


...Free school breakfast has been in the news recently, with the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, signing a bill to provide meals to all students, and... ...the governor of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, announcing, "we're going to provide universal free breakfast in our schools.".... ...Department of Agriculture started the program, the Black Panther Party founded its own Free Breakfast for School Children Program for poor Black... ...Edgar Hoover, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation....

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Spring enrollment steady, just not for all institutions

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...Preliminary data from the National Student Clearinghouse show flat enrollment across all sectors of higher education.... ...is still pretty much where we are," said Doug Shapiro, executive director of the organization's research center.... ...Sean Gallagher, executive director of the Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy at Northeastern University, said demand for...

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12 questions to advance your online ed strategy (opinion)

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...Successful planning approaches tend to ask and answer these 12 questions, Ben Chrischilles writes.... ...With new enrollment and student and faculty survey data emerging every day, the more recent and significant growth in demand may have more sticking... ...Several public institutions and systems have recently acquired online providers--examples include UMass Global, the University of Arizona Global ... ...Campus and the University of Arkansas Grantham--to scale quickly and appeal to broader audiences....

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The importance of play in academics" professional development ...

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...It can be valuable for not only children but also grown-ups, write Niya Bond and Todd Zakrajsek, and in fact should be a priority for academics"... ...Conferences such as those run by the American Association of Colleges and Universities and the Lilly Conferences on Evidence-Based Teaching have,... ...For example, publications in the Scholarly Teacher always invite questions and comments from readers, while Feminist Pedagogy encourages educators...

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Iowa Wesleyan University announces closure

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...Iowa Wesleyan University Will Close.... ...Iowa Wesleyan University is closing, citing rising costs, shifting enrollment trends, declining fundraising and the governor's rejection of a proposal... ...In February, Iowa Wesleyan--along with Graceland University, Upper Iowa University and William Penn University--each requested $12 million from the... ...from the Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System....

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Temple University president resigns

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...Temple University president Jason Wingard resigned abruptly on Tuesday after less than two years on the job, the Board of Trustees announced.... ...of a Temple police officer last month and ongoing fears of violence in the North Philadelphia neighborhood where Temple is located.... ...The Temple board vowed to increase its oversight of the university earlier this week because of what board chair Mitchell Morgan called "an unprecedented... ...the president's performance, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported....

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How to Trace an Image Using Photoshop


...If this option is grayed out, click the layer in the layers panel and click Layer again.... ...You can give your new layer a different name. Otherwise, it will be called "[Name of your first layer] copy.".... ...Create a new layer. To do this, click the Layer menu, select New, and then click Layer. This will open a new layer options window.... ...This fills the background layer with white. You should now have three layers in the layer tab:. A "Tracing" layer at the top....

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Arizona Admits Failings in Murder of Professor, Faces Suit

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...Arizona Admits Failings in Murder of Professor, Faces Suit. University of Arizona president Robert C.... ...Robbins admitted failings in the October murder of a professor, Thomas Meixner, on the campus.... ..."The university had a chance to save Tom and did not act," said the family's lawyer, Larry Wulkan.... ...Authorities said Meixner was killed by former student Murad Dervish, who had a history of violence....

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How family study rooms help parents in college

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...Howard Community College in Maryland opened its first family-friendly study space on campus earlier this month.... ...Howard Community College is the latest institution to add a family study room.... ...Willis, who was herself a parent while in college, also helped plan a family library space in her previous post as president of Everett Community... ..."I want all my student parents at Howard Community College to feel welcome here," Willis says, "as we believe in providing a two-generational approach...