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Gritty Marseille, France, Is Now a Haven for Creatives > t-magazine

...Of all the prominent destinations in the south of France, Marseille has been the most overlooked.... ...That's ultimately what has pulled in droves of Parisians (nearly one in 10 home buyers in Marseille are from the capital region, Île-de-France),...

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This Pacific Island Country Is Creating A Digital Nation In The Metaverse As Climate Change Threatens To Drown It, And It's Incredibly Dystopic


...levels threaten to swallow the island nation.... ...Not to mention, the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), of which Tuvalu is a member, introduced climate change loss and damage -- now a key...

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I Went To Universal Orlando Resort For The First Time And Here's My Review Of The Rides, The Food, And The TIMs


...The Wizarding World of Harry Potter showed me the error of my ways. Deputy Director of Pop Culture.... ...After about a 20-minute-ish ride, I arrived at Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort....

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25 Of The Best Travel Toiletry Bags To Safely Store Your Beauty Essentials


...Whether you're a light packer or a take-everything kind of traveler, look no further for the star of your next trip.... ...PurseN is a handbag and organization small biz founded by Hardeep Melamed. Check out their Oprah-endorsed products here!....

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"If I Can Do This, You Can Do This" An American Woman Froze Her Eggs In London For 1/3 Of The Cost


..."Egg freezing is an option for those that think they want to have children one day, but aren't ready right now," Brittany Allyn said.... ...issues, the Office of Women's Health reported....

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I Went To Disney World For The Holidays And Here Are 17 Things Worth Doing


...I Went To Disney World For The Holidays And Here Are 17 Things Worth Doing.... ...This year, guests can see stars like Angela Bassett and Josh Gad accompany a choir as they recount the story of Christmas....

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A Man Fell From a Cruise Ship. And Survived. > travel

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If You're Traveling This Holiday Season, You May Want To Snag These 33 Products Under $20


...Capable By Design is a small business based in Saint John, Indiana that sells custom T-Shirts, towels, pillows, and many other accessories....

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For Sale in Chile: A Modern Mediterranean Villa for $2.5 Million > realestate

...A Four-Bedroom Garden Villa in Santiago, Chile. $2.52 MILLION (2.3 BILLION CHILEAN PESOS).... ...The pricing trend data graphed by the Central Bank of Chile reveals a volatile market for both houses and apartments since the onset of the pandemic...

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People Are Sharing Normal "American" Things That Are Really Not Normal At All According To The Rest Of The World


...So Redditor u/Surimimimi asked, "What things do Americans like and the rest of the world not so much?" And people chimed in.... ...I was in Chicago working with a colleague from Switzerland who suddenly realized around midnight that he needed a network cable to configure a mobile...