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What software to view EXR "videos" (single images on disk)

1+ hour, 52+ min ago — 

...Blender has an option to render as OpenEXR [Wikipedia].... ...Watching the animation in Blender is currently a pain, since it's...

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Android app to take orders during exhibition, with barcodes based on CSV list of products

6+ hour, 48+ min ago — 

...The first option is to use an Android mobile POS called TabShop.... ...You can alternatively actually import all the products from a CSV... ...The other option is to use a Bar Code Scanner.... ...It can export the whole data as CSV, which can be loaded by Excel...

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Unauthorized error after getting token from OAuth2.0

6+ hour, 28+ min ago — 

...Share a link to thisquestion via email, Twitter, or Facebook....

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Website to take notes and e-mail them

12+ hour, 49+ min ago — 

...ago Modified today Viewed 70 times 0 Background: I'm a Technical Director... ...I know this is more than just HTML and CSS....

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Program to draw anywhere on screen

13+ hour, 30+ min ago — 

...To see answers for both windows and ubuntu – Mohammad Reza Rezwani... ...your question exactly what I am looking for. – Mohammad Reza Rezwani... ...- @CanadianLuke thanks, you're correct, I fixed the link. – Franck... ...XP/7/10 as guest vm on Ubuntu host, there is an open source software...

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How to open .tvs file in any other software apart from TeamViewer or using the TeamViewer Host version?...

14+ hour, 52+ min ago — 

...any other software apart from TeamViewer or using the TeamViewer Host... ...0 I have the normal version of the TeamViewer installed on my Macbook...

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Sign PDF fields with CAC card in Linux

15+ hour, 53+ min ago — 

...I currently run VirtualBox as root to passthrough the USB reader.... ...card (public, private key pair on smart card) similar to Adobe Acrobat... ...- Advice for Job Application to University Position as a Non-Student...

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Lenovo Yoga Book with Android - which apps can use the drawing pad? (besides Note Saver)

23+ hour, 45+ min ago — 

...Explore Teams Lenovo Yoga Book with Android - which apps can use... ..., 8 months ago Modified today Viewed 215 times 0 I have Lenovo Yoga...

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E-commerce PHP script with buying feature

1+ day, 50+ min ago — 

...a very core requirement. 0 Maybe you could take a look to Paypal Merchant...


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