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Myopia as a microscopic superpower?

3+ hour, 41+ min ago — 

...Viewed 1k times 4 $begingroup$ A few years back my Physics professor... their eyes than emmetropes (normally sighted people) (Triad Publishing... ...Eschenbach Microscopes typically have lenses with magnification factors...

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Spider identification?

6+ hour, 50+ min ago — 

...I'm in Southern California....

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How would inositol affect diabetes?

11+ hour, 38+ min ago — 

...- Does Last Gasp count Death Defiances used before getting the Boon...

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Can High Levels of Logical Intelligence Lead to Limit the Evolution of Intelligent Life?

1+ day, 59+ min ago — 

...Adding to this, many people, including Elon Musk, claim that AI will...

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Species identification - what kind of worm is this?

1+ day, 3+ hour ago — 

...things not legs (I don't know proper terminology). origin is Lahore, Pakistan... ...Please find a closeup picture I managed to capture with mobile camera... ...Jun 9, 2017 at 18:09 1 $begingroup$ @hamilthj, origin is Lahore, Pakistan...

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Wood eating bug in Germany

1+ day, 6+ hour ago — 


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