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Save big on summer essentials


Megan Meany shares the best Mega Morning Deals on 'Fox and Friends Weekend.'...

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Wife hiking with husband falls 200 feet to her death off Wyoming cliff


A Wyoming woman on a sunrise hike with her husband plummeted more than 200 feet to her death Tuesday ... The Sheridan County Sheriff's Office said in a statement that 28-year-old Calli Aust's husband called ... 911 shortly before 6 a.m. to report that she had fallen from Steamboat Point in the Bighorn Mountains ... Aust's body was located on the southwest side of Steamboat Point at 7:15 a.m. the same day and was recovered ... The statement said Aust's husband was unsure where she was when he called, and could not determine her ... ...

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U.S. Navy Misses the Mark on Building a Fleet to Challenge China


Officer Training Program, by $391 million. ... Yet, the same week the administration proposed these cuts, the Government Accountability Office reported ... the South China Sea. ... To meet these aggressive Chinese and Russian behaviors, the United States should push to recapitalize ... Russia recently conducted large naval drills around Ukraine. ... ...

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China Is Getting More J-20 Stealth Fighters (And Soon)


Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Living Life Fearless, Backstage magazine, Broad Street Review and Splice ... and people," Shi Yunjia, a J-20 pilot, said, in a China Central Television (CCTV) report cited by Global ... The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has brought more J-20 stealth fighters into service ... critic, who is also a contributor to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly Voice, Philadelphia Weekly, the ... The jet is now part of the Military Development Vanguard Air Group, according to the report. ... ...

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A commitment to activism: Solidarity and coalition-building for the upcoming year and onward


The events in Charlottesville, Va., have made the presence of neo-Nazism and white nationalism in the ... Nazism, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and all forms of racism are repugnant and dehumanizing. ... It is not good enough to disapprove of or condemn racism, white supremacy, Nazism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia ... Donald Trump is complicit in the rise of the alt-right and the racism and white supremacy that accompanies ... Solidarity with Takiyah Thompson, who was arrested for toppling a Confederate statue in Durham, N.C. ... ...

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U.S. Army May Soon Have a High-Power Microwave Weapon to Destroy Drones


The Defense Department established the Army-led Joint Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Office, or JCO, ... Three vendors -- Boeing-owned Aurora Flight Sciences, Elta North America and Xtend -- demonstrated low-collateral ... effects capabilities at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, this year. ... Air Force Base, New Mexico, in February this year. ... Army is set to begin development and integration of a high-power microwave capability to destroy small ... ...

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Did Joe Biden Get Played by Erdogan on Afghanistan?


break in relations, the reality is that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan orchestrated the break ... , it would seek to engage the White House and Kremlin in a bidding war for its support but would never ... Both the White House and Turkish officials sought to spin the meeting between President Biden and Erdogan ... Part of this is ideological--Erdogan has longstanding ties with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a warlord whom the ... with the United States. ... ...

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The Left is trying to redefine critical race theory because they are losing


__ The Left tried to use last summer's momentum from the Black Lives Matter movement to push its ... Another _New York_ _Times_ piece published just two weeks ago noted that critical race theory is a "framework ... destructive ideas of so-called "anti-racism" and critical race theory. ... They have taken to insisting that critical race theory isn't actually being taught in K-12 schools, even ... The _New York Times_ even wrote in July 2020 about the "anti-racism" programs being brought to parents ... ...

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Why the Approval of That Alzheimer's Drug Is So Disturbing | Countercurrents


Last week, the Food and Drug Administration ignored the advice of its own expert advisory committee and ... At least one drug _is thought to increase heart attacks_._ _Cancer drugs with astronomical price tags ... In 1992, in the midst of the HIV crisis, the FDA created a special "Accelerated Approval" program to ... suppressing the abnormal heartbeat should help prevent life-threatening heart attacks. ... study that measures a drug's effect on abnormal heartbeats than to wait for enough people to suffer a heart ... ...

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Powering and Protecting U.S. Naval Assets Is Critical to Navy Competitiveness


Looking ahead, it is clear even to an Airman that powering and protecting our naval assets is critical ... to Navy competitiveness. ... Fortunately, the Office of Naval Research has been working on several initiatives focused on flexible ... Dept. of Defense have been conducting direct energy research for years, the need for these kinds of technologies ... assets with innovative power solutions will help shore up our defense industrial base, which is crucial ... ...