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Pramila Jayapal's Warnings About Debt Ceiling Speaks Further to ...

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...it comes to the deal struck between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).... ...Last week, the chair of the House Progressive Caucus warned of "a huge backlash" not just among the "entire House, you know, Democratic Caucus,"... ...He also shared that House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) had told him "there's nothing in the bill for them.... ...While Jayapal claimed that Republicans "didn't get what they wanted," McCarthy on his own Sunday show appearance told host Shannon Bream on "Fox...

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Why Ron DeSantis Says the Debt Deal Is ‘Totally Inadequate’

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...After President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced that a deal had been reached to increase the debt limit and avoid a default... ...Among them is Florida Governor and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. ... ...Evidently joining DeSantis is his concern about the debt deal are the House's Chip Roy (R-TX) and Senate's Mike Lee (R-UT):... ...Contrasting Florida with D.C., DeSantis pointed out that Congress does “these cycles to just get them through the next election, and that's ultimately...

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'What Is She Doing Here?': Report on Feinstein's Health Details Senator's Confusion Over VP Harris...

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...According to The New York Times, the California Democrat only manages to carry out her responsibilities with the assistance of a large number of... ...Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)"s physical and mental impairments are increasingly upsetting members of her own party who want the 89-year-old to resign... ...In one instance last year, she did not understand why Vice President Kamala Harris was casting the tie-breaking vote.... ...When Vice President Kamala Harris was presiding over the chamber last year in one of many instances in which she was called upon to cast a tiebreaking...

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'Odds Are That the Only Person Who Could Beat Sherrod Brown' Is Someone Who Hasn't Entered the Race Yet...

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...The 2024 elections won't just be about defeating President Joe Biden and keeping control of the House, but about potentially winning back the Senate... ...One race, if not the race to watch is Ohio, where Sen. Sherrod Brown is running for reelection.... ...of like 85%," Zawistowski told American Family News.... ...Rob Portman (R-OH) after Trump's endorsement, and ultimately the election against former Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH). Moreno's son-in-law is Rep....

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Rolling Stone Is Trying to Gin Up a Furry Rebellion Against Ron DeSantis

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...The liberal media hurls everything at Trump and Ron DeSantis.... ...The Rolling Stone is offended that a new Florida law would prohibit minors from attending "furry" conventions, where attendees of this sub-culture... ...Also, I doubt this will be an election-killing issue for Ron DeSantis. Please prohibit kids from these aberrant assemblies.  ... ...(Megaplex declined to comment when reached by Rolling Stone.) ...

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Why the White House Correspondents' Association Ripped Into Joe Biden This Weekend

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...White House Press Secretary Karine Grey Poupon isn't a qualified substitute to give updates either.... ...For weeks, there was a dearth of press conferences from Joe Biden about the ongoing negotiations. ... ...President Tamara Keith (who"s also with NPR):“The WHCA board pushed hard for the White House to hold a briefing on Friday or potentially over the... ...He went on vacation for the weekend, which led to the White House Correspondents" Association, a friendly ally to the president, to rip him for failing...

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Rise of the War on White People

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...According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans who agree that black-white relations are good is at a 20-year low.... ...An anti-white racial inquisition is poisoning America by contributing to an already divided nation.... ...I didn't believe it until someone showed me a video of a large crowd of whites on their knees in Bethesda, Maryland, as they were led through a mass... ...A noted black college professor said, “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet.”...

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Memorial Day Commemorates No Greater Love

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...There's a popular meme that only two defining forces have offered to die for you - Jesus Christ for your soul and the American soldier for your freedom... ...There is no man who can ever compare with Christ but there is a kernel of truth to this meme. ... ...Philosopher and Christian apologist G.K.... ...Through their courage, they demonstrated what Jesus Christ called the greatest love of all by laying down their lives. ...

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Lest We Forget

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...This column is the text of a Memorial Day address I was asked to give at the Field of Valor in Moorpark, California.... ...President Abraham Lincoln"s Gettysburg Address was only 272 words long, and yet it has been treasured for over a century as one of the best speeches... ...I was born at the end of World War II when my father was quartermaster of Tyndall field in Panama City, Florida.... ...We not only remember; we honor them for their valor. In the words of General George S....

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They're Conditioning Americans to Hate White People

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...have poisoned the culture with the colossal lie that “whiteness” is the culprit behind a “400-year pandemic of foundational racism” that's keeping America... ...To cure the country, people with big mouths, big money, and big plans are wildly swinging sledge hammers at America"s load-bearing walls to destroy... ...Biden"s transportation secretary sees racism in America"s infrastructure.  His defense secretary sees it in the military.  Outgoing Gen.... ...on the provable lie that Trump called Nazis “great people,” told a black audience at Howard University that “white supremacy … is the most dangerous...

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