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How Team Biden Defies Own Human Rights Rules in Israel Weapons Supplies

1+ hour, 56+ min ago — 

...The White House has reportedly waived Congressional review requirements... in the national security interests of the United States...

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Waning Funding: US Voters and GOP Aligned on Ukraine Aid

5+ hour, 30+ min ago — 

...Speaker Mike Johnson issued an ultimatum to Team Biden last Tuesday... ...that President Joe Biden would meet with his Ukrainian counterpart... ...according to the Michigan Ross Poll, 40% of American voters think... ...the military and financial aid the United States provides to Israel...

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One-Of-a-Kind Eclipse to Occur as Asteroid Leona Passes Over the Star Betelgeuse

7+ hour, 38+ min ago — 

...hoping to learn more about Betelgeuse and Leona during the eclipse... the asteroid Leona passes in front of it Astronomers are even...

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China Rebuffs Philippines After Ship Collision in South China Sea

7+ hour, 58+ min ago — 

...the Pacific Ocean Recent military spending in the United States... ...China’s coast guard reprimanded the Philippines after a collision...

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US Ruling Class Fears Trump Would Withdraw from NATO

10+ hour, 33+ min ago — 

...America where the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) utilized... ...edition of the controversial newspaper.“For 74 years, the North Atlantic...

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Many Americans Are Unable to Afford Food, Even as Unemployment Remains Low

12+ hour, 45+ min ago — 

...A report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) found more... ...Joe Biden has even touted this economic recovery as the result of... ...positive news as it relates to the job market In October, a US broadcaster... ...Americans feel worse”.And those on the frontline of food hunger in America...

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Cost of Empire: Study Says US Military Intervention Making Americans Less Safe

13+ hour, 54+ min ago — 

...leader Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America” went viral on... ...Former Congressman Ron Paul was met with a decidedly mixed reaction...

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Zelensky Shows Desperation by Trying to Curry Favor With Argentina's Milei

16+ hour, 54+ min ago — 

...of Sao Paulo and an associate professor at the Armando Alvares Penteado... ..., a research associate in international relations at the University...

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Lavrov Says Russia Not Cutting Diplomatic Ties With Germany

15+ hour, 53+ min ago — 

...Germany, the United Kingdom and Turkiye During the Kremlin ceremony... ...Russian Embassy in Berlin Germany also closed its own consulates...

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Germany Pays 2.5 Times More for Gas in 2023 Compared to 2021

19+ hour, 53+ min ago — 

...Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev, in turn, said on social... Europe and the resulting spike in energy prices Russian Security...

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