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Sequence that sums up to A224071

6+ hour, 40+ min ago — 

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Bounded density for determinant of GOE

6+ hour, 44+ min ago — 

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A possible variant of Zagier's one-sentence proof for Fermat's sum of two squares theorem?

6+ hour, 37+ min ago — 

...$S_1$ has odd cardinal (and vice versa).... ...So to show that $S_2$ has odd cardinal, it is enough to show that...

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Strict positive definite function gradient tuple

8+ hour, 57+ min ago — 

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Short path problem on Cayley graphs as language translation task (from "Permutlandski" to "Cayleylandski"(s) :). Reference/suggestion request...

10+ hour, 2+ min ago — 

...Algorithms to find short paths on Cayley graphs of (finite) groups... ...question: The approach (see details below) to find short path for Cayley... ...And then train the model to correctly reproduce these examples. and... ...After that we can train a machine learning model to give good results...

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Alternative ways of performing summations

10+ hour, 12+ min ago — 

...If one uses Mathematica to sum over $m$ (or $n$), one gets the Hurwitz–Lerch...

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Calculation of the distance of cocycles

10+ hour, 25+ min ago — 


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