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Maximising det(AQS) with respect to an orthonormal matrix Q and a diagonal scaling matrix S

2+ hour, 59+ min ago — 

...- Would a PhD from Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand be... .... - Correct my understanding of Digital Signature Algorithm for...

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Euler's Elements of Algebra Solution Method, Section III Ch. XI Problem 3.

2+ hour, 55+ min ago — 

...Teams Euler's Elements of Algebra Solution Method, Section III Ch... ...the game of chess, shewed it to his prince, who was so delighted... ...Certainly, Euler has the correct solution here, and it would be greatly...

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Why are these ergodic measures linearly independent?

2+ hour, 25+ min ago — 

...But I'm a provincial analyst who bumbled my way through algebra in... ...These are pairwise linearly independent and $p(mu_i) = 1$ where... ...$endgroup$ – Aidan Backus Commented 8 hours ago You must log... ...I'll reword the question to ask what's going on in the Arnoux--Levitt...

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Why don't we write complex numbers as $a i^{b}$?

2+ hour, 12+ min ago — 

...In general we avoid talking about exponentiation $z^w$ if both the... ...exponential function here) but $log z$ is also multi-valued so in general... ..." or "has DSP extensions" in a processor - What would cause desoldering... ...enable read only mode in microSD card - Definition of "Supports DSP...

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What is the limit of this composed trig function (first question)?

2+ hour, 8+ min ago — 

...- Am I experiencing discrimination from my professor, and if so,... ...- Short story about a group of astronauts/scientist that find a...

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AMC 10 Math Question About Formula For A Sequence...

2+ hour, 11+ min ago — 

...$endgroup$ – Sean Roberson Commented 36 mins ago You had the... ...I found in a AMC 10 perp book that was given to me by my math teacher...


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