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Woman loses teaching job after parent finds private Facebook post

6+ hour, 32+ min ago — 

...During a meeting with the school principal, Charlotte was told she... ...However, The Age reports a parent found out that Charlotte was in... ...Chief executive of Equality Australia, Anna Brown, told The Age Charlotte... ...our kids about God' However, Mark Spencer from Christian Schools...

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Frugal mum breaks down hidden daily costs that adds up to thousands

10+ hour, 47+ min ago — 

...Unethical trick KFC uses to scam you out of fries The post also drew...

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My family is stupidly wealthy, but they refuse to help out when I’m struggling

7+ hour, 27+ min ago — 

...“I think, at the last count, she had eight properties,” Diana said... ...And all the while, Pauline “doesn’t offer any help to me.” ... ...But others disagreed, arguing it was Pauline’s right to spend her... ...Whenever the family spends time together, Diana is left feeling out...

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‘Our daughter could be here for six months or six years, doctors have no idea’

9+ hour, 10+ min ago — 

...told Kidspot. ... ...Doctors provided Audrey with medication for epilepsy, but they soon... ...On the days when Audrey is “rocky”, Justin calls in sick so he can... ...“Last night, I spent the night with Audrey in the hospital,” Ashlee...

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'Drawings are often the only way students and teachers can communicate"

7+ hour, 40+ min ago — 

...praised teacher Madi Gadd, who restarted the preschool program in... ...Ms Gadd’s program was supported by donations from the Officeworks... ...Ms Fremmer described the progress Ms Gadd was making with her little... ...Some of the preschoolers who have been with Madi for two years are...

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Aussie mum asks the question we're all thinking at school pick up

8+ hour, 41+ min ago — 

...One commenter wrote, “I'm a mortgage broker admin 9:30am to 2pm.... ...pregnant and my stepkids keep risking my baby’s life In the clip, Kat... ...I’m a nurse, and it’s not school-friendly ."... ...the struggle was still real for a lot of parents who agreed with Kat...

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ALDI photo shows grim reality for many Aussies

9+ hour, 39+ min ago — 

...Another ALDI shopper shared her own experience: "It's ridiculously... ...partner and I really like skiing, but we couldn't justify going to Perisher... NZ and I’d rather go to NZ," one user explained.... ...The same price for a week at Perisher is the same as a week to go...

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I can't believe what my mum did with the gift my kids picked out for her

1+ day, 6+ hour ago — 

..."She called me in the Pandora store arguing with the counter lady... ...There is no way my mum or MIL wouldn’t cherish it....

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I found the ultimate $25 Kmart jeans for winter

11+ hour, 56+ min ago — 

...The jeans in question are the Kmart’s Wide Leg Jeans, which are a... ...So, after seeing all the buzz, I ventured to Kmart and got myself... ...spent $200+ on, but I am finding myself always reaching for these Kmart... ...pair of jeans this winter, skip the exxy ones and head over to Kmart...

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My daughter has her entire life mapped out, I think I have to crush her dreams

14+ hour, 53+ min ago — 

...daughter is convinced she is going to be a professional musician/ singer... ...,” Eddie wrote on Reddit. ... ...11yo’s dreams was heartbreaking to most Redditors, who suggested Eddie... ...“I was going to be an astronaut despite intending to do absolutely...


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