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The Dark Truth About America's Deadly Steamboat Races


...Despite not being the actual inventor, Robert Fulton is largely seen as the man to thank for this new phenomenon;... ...Steamboats in general were a really big deal around the turn of the 19th century, first being seen in the late 1780s and emerging as a new and viable... ...Twain wasn't the only person who had plenty of kind words to say about steamboat racing.... ...In fact, it didn't take long for racing to enter the picture, with Fulton himself racing one of his ships in the summer of 1811....

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Linda McCartney: A Look Back At The Life Of Paul McCartney's First ...


...A famous vegetarian before being vegetarian was cool, McCartney worked on a series of cookbooks, some with writer Peter Cox.... ...control issues, the shadows and pressures of fame, and mental health struggles as causing conflict in their decades together, he also said (via El... ...In Sounes" book "Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney," he describes Linda's upbringing as privileged: They had an East Hampton beach house for... ...getting away from their homes in Westchester and on Park Avenue, she had a hit Jan & Dean song written about her, and her siblings were the sort...

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The Biggest Controversies To Hit The New York Times


...The New York Times is one of America's most venerated newspapers, and its international edition is widely read around the globe.... ...But with great journalistic power comes great responsibility; the stories that The New York Times tells have the potential to change the way we see... ...British-born Times journalist and all-around scoundrel Walter Duranty won one of journalism's most prestigious awards -- the Pulitzer Prize -- in... ...New York Times journalist Rukmini Callimachi appeared to have created a daring smash hit with her investigative podcast series "Caliphate," an attempt...

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Why Djibouti Has So Many Foreign Military Bases


...neighbors like Ethiopia, Somalia, and Yemen and Saudi Arabia across the Red Sea.... ...As the United Nations says, Djibouti is about the size of New Jersey and has a population of less than 1 million.... ...The waters leading south to Punt from the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea were critical for bridging the gap from Egypt to the Indian Ocean.... ...to the Horn of Africa and entire Indian Ocean....

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Why Graves Of The Unknown And Poor Are Called Potter's Fields


...Yes, we have memorials for the bodies of unidentified soldiers fallen in combat, like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery... ...Yes, crime victims sometimes go unidentified, and receive a John Doe or Jane Doe moniker from authorities like the FBI.... ...Verses one through ten continue a story very familiar to Christians, when Jesus" disciple Judas Iscariot betrayed his master to Roman authorities... ...In the U.S., burial laws usually fall to state jurisdiction, as the Law Offices of Stimmel, Stimmel, & Roeser explains....

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The Most Harrowing Moments On Deadliest Catch


...The action takes place primarily in the Bering Sea in the northern Pacific Ocean, where the waters are fierce and the weather can quickly turn deadly... ...the incredibly tough and dangerous life onboard crab fishing vessels, showing how some of the most popular seafood in the world is taken from the ocean... ...This is perfectly illustrated during the Season 9 finale "The Final Battle," when deckhand Brandon Jaime gets several of his fingers caught in a... ...One of the dangers of fishing in the Bering Sea is the complete isolation....

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Things That Came Out About Frank Zappa After He Died


...things that have come out about the artist who once said (via the Los Angeles Times), "I write because I am personally amused by what I do, and... ...of Valley-Girl-speak while trying to ridicule that very thing; and how he hated love songs but became a tireless champion for artists" rights.... ...She spoke with the Los Angeles Times and explained how she saw things: "My job is to make sure that Frank Zappa has the last word in terms of anybody's... ...There are two different points of view when it comes to Gail Zappa: Critics say she made it all but impossible to share Frank Zappa's music with...

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Why Nuns Cover Their Hair


...prayer, housework, cooking, etc., like that listed on the website of the Benedictines in Herefordshire, England. ... ...Even to those unfamiliar with Catholic beliefs, the idea of a nun should be pretty clear: a woman who's devoted her life to God.... ...The Pew Research Center says that 89%, 86%, and 59% of Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu women, respectively, wear head coverings of some type outside of the... ...The same is true for 84% and 69% of Muslim and Sikh men....

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The Number One Rule Of A Mosh Pit


...There's the ultra-new schooler who accidentally flattened some poor creature during Lorna Shore's last "To the Hellfire" breakdown in "21.... ...an elderly "metalhead mama" in a wheelchair safely through the pit so she could enjoy the one and only concert she's ever attended, as the New York... ...Post depicts....

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The Tragic 2017 Murder Of Makeva Jenkins And Her Unborn Child


...Details soon emerged, though, that Jenkins" husband, Euri Jenkins, hired a hitman, Joevan Joseph, to murder his wife.... ...At first, it seemed like a possible home invasion robbery gone wrong.... ...In 2022, Euri was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison, The Palm Beach Post reports. ... ...In a plea deal, Joseph was convicted on second-degree murder charges and sentenced to 15 years in prison, The Palm Beach Post writes....

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