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25 Best Video Game DLC Expansions, Ranked

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...Yet, the best video game DLC expansions show all the things that concept should be.... ...The best DLC expansions do more than give us an excuse to dive back into the games we already own.... ...Vietnam’s exceptional maps, incredible soundtrack, and general refinements to Bad Company 2’s already excellent multiplayer modes make it one of... ...Both Dishonored games benefit from exceptional DLC, but The Brigmore Witches stands tall as the series" finest expansion....

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The Creator Wants Us to Consider a Happier Future With AI

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...The Creator director Gareth Edwards considers how his film presents a more nuanced future between humans and artificial intelligence.... ...The Creator has been a long time coming for Gareth Edwards.... ...which makes the setup of The Creator so interesting: John David Washington plays a soldier and spy in the year 2070 who is sent by a rabidly anti-A.I... ...(Madeleine Yuna Voyles), who is the same age as the child our hero has already lost when the story begins....

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Does Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Fix The Franchise's Biggest Timeline Issue?

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...This Power Rangers Cosmic Fury article contains spoilers through episode 9.... ...A year that’s loomed over Power Rangers since 2005 when Power Rangers S.P.D., the 13th season of the franchise, aired.... ...MMPR Blue Ranger Billy (David Yost) informs Cosmic Fury Red Ranger Amelia (Hunter Deno) that “alien civilians caught in the battle are losing their... ...was one where aliens lived freely amongst humans, just a regular part of everyday life, and the titular Space Patrol Delta protected Earth against...

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Castlevania Nocturne's Huge Ending Cameo Sets Up a Dark Season 2 Belmont Twist

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...twist for Richter Belmont.... ...The vampire killers have essentially lost by the final scene of Castlevania: Richter, Annette, Tera, and Maria’s plan to destroy the Abbot’s Forgemaster... ...Yes, James Callis returns as the son of Dracula in the final moments of Nocturne, setting up what will likely be a much bigger role for the fan-favorite... ...You see, although Richter defeats Dracula and the sorcerer Shaft, the Dark Lord’s most loyal servant, and saves his beloved Annette in Rondo of Blood...

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The Wheel of Time: Hayley Mills' Character Is More Important Than You Think

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...Actress Hayley Mills may have upended her parents’ lives in Disney’s The Parent Trap back in 1961, but her cameo in The Wheel of Time similarly showed... ...as the subject of the vision, but also for Siuan, Moiraine, and the entire Damodred family.... ...Mills portrays an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah named Gitara Moroso, who was Keeper twenty years ago when Siuan and Moiraine were still among the Accepted... ...Michael Ahr | @mikescifi Michael Ahr is a writer and multimedia producer at Den of Geek with a focus on science fiction television....

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Saw Movies Timeline Explained and When Saw X Takes Place

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...When James Wan and Leigh Whannell unleashed the first Saw in 2004, you might’ve thought the franchise was all about grisly murders and psychological... ...We solve Jigsaw’s most terrifying puzzle: the Saw movie franchise’s continuity! Hello, Den of Geek readers.... ...Kramer begins more openly sharing this theory with anyone who will listen, including Umbrella Health Insurance executive William Easton (Peter Outerbridge... ...While Kramers waits for Jill in the Homeward Bound parking, an addict named Cecil Adams (Billy Otis)--and, we learn in Saw VI, fellow patient Amanda...

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Did You Catch the WandaVision Joke in Gen V?

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...themselves at either the Lamplighter School of Crimefighting or the Crimson Countess School of Performing Arts.... ...Set in the fictional Godolkin University, Gen V follows a handful of young Compound V-enhanced superpowered young’ns as they try to make a name for... ...(Maia Jae Bastidas).... ...Accompanied by her cynical roommate Marie (Jaz Sinclair), Emma (Lizze Broadway), gins up the courage to go talk to super famous young actress Justine...

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Link Tank: Ethereal Horror Fest Returns This November

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...The best horror festival returns to Austin, Texas this fall and more in Link Tank!... ...The first trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s latest film, Argylle, has arrived, and it appears to be a spin on Romancing the Stone but with spies.... ...Read more at Kotaku Shrek fans, rejoice! A swamp-themed AirBnB is coming to Scotland! “Cue Smash Mouth’s "All Star."... ...Read more at Gizmodo The Golden Bachelor is so genuine that he was afraid of swearing on the show. Read more at The A.V....

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Gen V Review: The Boys Can Be a Superhero Franchise After All

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...Despite being only a youthful three seasons old, Prime Video’s The Boys currently finds itself in danger of violating Harvey Dent’s rule.... ...This Gen V review contains spoilers for episodes 1-3.... ...are able to study for their futures as crime fighters at the Lamplighter School of Crimefighting or the Crimson Countess School of Performing Arts... ...), empath Cate (Maddie Phillips), and gender-shifter Jordan (Derek Luh and London Thor)....

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Gen V Cast: Meet the Young Supes of The Boys Spinoff

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...Some of them are nice, and some of them are definitely gonna be a problem for Butcher and the boys down the line. As for the others?... ...A brand new crew are joining The Boys universe with Gen V!... ...Those who already gobble up tales of the weird and unusual may recognize Jaz Sinclair from her role as Sabrina’s witchy best friend Rosalind “Roz... ...As Jordan switches between male and female throughout the series, the character is played by two different actors – Derek Luh and London Thor. ...

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