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LSTM Layer producing same outputs for different sequences

50+ min ago — 

...32 and no others), I started to check the layers, esp. the LSTM layer... ...This is the model state after training.... ...x_1 looks like this x_2 looks like this So when getting the LSTM... ...out of the model and passing these vectors (as a batch) into the...

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Explanation : Simpler models beat BERT base

3+ hour, 19+ min ago — supposed to be the most powerful model for this use case I was... ...generating embeddings using distilbert-base-uncased i trained : Since BERT...

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RuntimeError: mat1 and mat2 shapes cannot be multiplied (25x7 and 1x512)

7+ hour, 2+ min ago — 

...- output of the model 7 - Finally the raised error is like below... ...5 - creating loader # befor created in the preprocessing step 6...

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How to represent output layer if the action size changes dynamically?

8+ hour, 29+ min ago — 

...the number of valid moves at the beginning of the game as output layer...

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Predict best chess move using RNNs

13+ hour, 38+ min ago — 

...I am having issues with the creation of the model.... ...My model summary looks like this: I am not sure where am i failing...

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Model performance impact on social discrimination?

17+ hour, 18+ min ago — 

...This is usually considered very bad as the model will explicitly... .... - Taking the features into account in the model but doing nothing... ...I am curious if there is a general rules of thumbs of impact of model... ...performance on the model bias....

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Custom loss function for multi label classification in catboost?

19+ hour, 48+ min ago — improve the precision for three classes (say a, b, c) i.e. model... ...I know I can introduce imbalance or use another binary classifier...

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Implementing Dropout in Keras

21+ hour, 55+ min ago — 

...In the code below, dropout is added as its own layer.... ...Or does mentioning dropout implement dropout in the entire model?...

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