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Cartoon of the Day: Selective Outrage


...Congressman Asks Why Hunter Biden Escaped Prosecution For Gun Form Offense (Video).... ...The Era of Joe Biden: For the First Time Most Americans Think Their Children Will NOT Be Better Off.... ...Facebook, Google, and other members of the Silicon Valley Axis of Evil are now doing everything they can to deliberately silence conservative content... ...You can also follow us on Truth Social here, Twitter at @co_firing_line, and at the social media site set up by members of Team Trump, GETTR....

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Liberty Report: RFK, Jr. SUES Biden And Fauci Over Covid Censorship Pressure! (Video)


...We learned from the "Twitter Files" that Biden Administration officials exerted tremendous pressure on US social media companies to silence and "... ...Now, Children's Health Defense Director Robert F.... ...Facebook, Google, and other members of the Silicon Valley Axis of Evil are now doing everything they can to deliberately silence conservative content... ...Cross-posted with The Ron Paul institute. Unnerving: Peter McCullough Warns "No Bigger Public Health Crisis" Than COVID Censorship (Video)....

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Unhinged: Dem. Rep. Jamaal Bowman Loses Cookies, Throws Tantrum Off House Floor Over Suggestion To Protect Children In Schools (Video)...


...On Wednesday, Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman went ballistic over a proposal by Republican Rep.... ...Thomas Massie to provide more security for children in schools.... ...Leftist AZ Press Secretary Suggests Violence Against "Transphobes" Same Day as the Nashville Shooting.... ...Massie was cool, calm, and collected, while Bowman acted like a Democrat. He clearly didn't want to hear anything Massie had to say....

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Is It A Coincidence A "Trans Day Of Vengeance" Is Being Held Now?


...An activist group is scheduled to hold a "Trans Day of Vengeance" outside the Supreme Court on Saturday -- just days after 28-year-old Audrey Hale... ...As Fox News reported, TRAN describes itself as "a network of unapologetic activists fighting for Queer Liberation" and promoted the protest earlier... ...Tucker Carson did a segment about it on Thursday night -- one that had National Public Radio, of all the fake news outlets, hyping the group's firearms... ...The media followed its predictable cue after the Nashville attack with ABC News coverage by Terry Moran suggesting Christians were murdered in Tennessee...

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Teachers Union Chief Calls For Gun Confiscation Across U.S.


...That's according to comments from American Federation of Teachers union chief Randi Weingarten following a school shooting by a 28-year-old woman... ...portraying herself as a man who shot up a Christian school, killing three children and three adults.... ...Get "The Essential Second Amendment Guide" by Wayne LaPierre!.... ...A report from Fox News said her call came are part of her demands for an "assault weapons ban" following the school shooting in Nashville....

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Leftist AZ Press Secretary Suggests Violence Against "Transphobes" Same Day as the Nashville Shooting...


...The Leftist AZ Press Secretary to Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, Josselyn Berry, resigned over a tweet that suggested violence against "transphobes... ...There is no room for this in AZ. -- Arizona Freedom Caucus (@AZFreedomCaucus) March 29, 2023.... ...The Governor has received and accepted the resignation of the Press Secretary." Katie Hobbs (D).... ...Austin Smith (@azaustinsmith) March 29, 2023. -- Arizona Women of Action (@azwomenofaction) March 29, 2023....

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The Radical Left's Reaction To The Nashville Shooting Shows The True State Of Our Country


...The Nashville shooting is a perfect example of this.... ...Presbyterian Church, the church confirmed to CBS News.... ...But according to Fox News, the "Trans Resistance Network" has actually released a statement that makes excuses for the shooter?....

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Mayorkas Wants To Ban "Assault Weapons" But Can't (Or Won't) Define One (Video)


...Do you agree with the President that we should ban the private ownership of assault weapons in America?.... ...Senator Kennedy asked a very straightforward question about gun ownership.... ...This is a public servant. Cross-posted with Clash Daily. House Republican Files Articles Of Impeachment Against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas... ..."Senator, I do". So far so good. Senator Kennedy had a follow-up question. What is an assault weapon?...

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Tech Experts Alarmed Over AI Growth, Call For Pause in Development


...After a bit of "back and forth," the chat bot, now acting as Sydney, told Roose that she wanted to be alive, independent, powerful and creative,... ...Daily Caller.... ...Even when CEOs like Elon Musk (who uses an AI in his Tesla vehicle) and Apple CEO Steve Wozniak suggest they may be moving too fast and may be skipping... ...Woke AI About To Take Control Of Your Vehicle, General Motors Promises...

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S.686 Could Be Used To Censor Any Website In America, Foreign Or Domestic, Not Just TikTok


...States that the Secretary determines? poses an undue or unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States?".... ...The legislation would authorize to Secretary of Commerce to "identify, deter, disrupt, prevent, prohibit, investigate, or otherwise mitigate, including... ...with the Attorney General, the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Treasury, and the Federal Election Commission?".... ...All that would be needed would be for the Secretary of Commerce, in coordination with the Attorney General, the Director of National Intelligence...

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