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How to Crochet a Blanket Stitch

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How to Reuse Empty Aluminum Cans

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9 Excellent Exercises for Getting Toned and Stronger Arms > health > fitness

...Caley Crawford, director of education for Row House, recommends starting off by picking a couple of movements and doing three to five sets of 12 to 15 reps and resting between rounds....

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National Hamburger Day 2022: Freebies and Discounts You Can Get Today > culture

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Want That Organized TikTok Fridge Look? Here's What You'll Need to Buy > how-to

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The Rise, Fall and Future of Chinatowns in the U.S.

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iOS 15.5 Has a Bunch of Privacy Features Not Enough People Know About > tech > mobile

...Many people want a better grip on data privacy and security, and with iOS 15, Apple took several significant steps to bolster privacy for the iPhone. iOS 15 arrived in September, and Apple has since rolled out a handful of updates. The latest version is iOS 15.5.... ...With iOS 15.5, one of the biggest privacy concerns for voice assistants will be stamped out, according to Apple. Unlike Amazon Alexa and virtually all other competitors, Siri will no longer ship your audio to servers for processing....

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You're Not Imagining It: Inflation Is Costing You Hundreds More Each Month > personal-finance

...For instance, many are considering a side hustle to add extra padding to their bank accounts. But if you'd rather tackle your budget to unlock savings, consider these road-tested spending strategies that may help offset inflation's toll.... ...In the past, I equated buying fresh fish and produce with the best possible quality. But in recent years, especially now that our family has doubled in size, I love frozen options such as greens, berries for smoothies and filets of fish....

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4 Ways to Clean Up the Rotting Smell in Your Garbage Disposal > how-to

...For all their usefulness, garbage disposals have a major downside: They stink sometimes.To really give your garbage disposal the good clean it needs, it's not enough to just flip the power switch and turn on the faucet every time you cram food into it.... ...You may not need to place all eight lemon slices into the disposal, so save any leftovers for the next time you clean it -- or use them to start a pitcher of lemonade.Baking soda and vinegar can freshen it upBaking soda and vinegar can accomplish quite a lot when combined together....

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History, Book Reports, and the Great Outdoors - The Week in Review

...New Google Docs Features You Might Have Missed 6...