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Over 118,000 homes without power in Florida, Georgia after Hurricane Michael     3+ hour, 26+ min ago

Trump backs water projects in U.S. West as election nears     5+ hour, 56+ min ago

‘Not happy’: Australia must act on climate, says former Kiribati leader     6+ hour, 16+ min ago

Benny the beluga whale forces firework display postponement     6+ hour, 46+ min ago

Trump wades into California's 'water wars' with environmental standards memo     7+ hour, 32+ min ago

Brazil front-runner proposals could lead deforestation to 'explode': NGOs     7+ hour, 32+ min ago

EPA withdraws proposed Obama-era rule change for uranium mining     8+ hour, 12+ min ago

Testy humpback whale chases away watchers who get too close     11+ hour, 10+ min ago

The Guardian view on vanishing insects: a silent threat     11+ hour, 46+ min ago

Thyssenkrupp declares force majeure on low Rhine water levels     12+ hour, 36+ min ago

ScottishPower to invest in solar energy for the first time     13+ hour, 24+ min ago

UK is endangering people's health by denying their right to clean air, says UN     13+ hour, 46+ min ago

Want To Build A Stronger Climate Movement? Integrate.     6+ hour, 32+ min ago

Baboon In Zimbabwe Holds Infant Just LIke Rafiki In 'Lion King'     6+ hour, 52+ min ago

Sewer PIpe In Philippines Is Clogged With Wallets, Not Waste     1+ day, 5+ hour ago

Trump Team Cited Obama-Era Safety Rules In Offshore Drilling Plan, Then Gutted T...     1+ day ago

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Many Floridians Still Lack Cell Service After Hurricane Michael     2+ day ago

We Live In A S**tshow But Denying Our Despair Could Make Everything Worse     2+ day ago

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George R. R. Martin Weighs In On A Fan-Favorite Theory     3+ day ago

Mammals Will Still Be Recovering From Human Destruction Long After We're Gone     3+ day ago

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