Serena Joy Stole This Season Of "The Handmaid's Tale"

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Serena Joy Stole This Season Of "The Handmaid's Tale"

The evolution of Yvonne Strahovski's Serena Waterford was the best thing about Season 2. Warning: a zillion spoilers about the finale, and the whole season.

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Now that the second season of Hulu's

The Handmaid's Tale has ended, let's look back at how the Season 1 finale laid the groundwork for the show's most compelling relationship. In that episode, we saw a newly pregnant June (Elisabeth Moss) curse out Serena Joy Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski) like she no longer gave a fuck.

In that pivotal scene — precipitated by Serena revealing to June that she knows where June's stolen daughter, Hannah, lives, and then delivering a veiled threat against her ("As long as my baby is safe, so is yours") — June called Serena "deranged" and "evil." From the backseat of the locked Waterford car, outside of Hannah's house, she screamed that Serena was a "goddamn motherfucking monster," and a "motherfucking evil cunt." And then, using the terminology Serena — a religious zealot — might care about the most, June said, "Fuck you, Serena, you are going to burn in goddamn motherfucking hell, you crazy, evil bitch." At that, Serena finally turned around, and coolly replied, "Don't get upset. It's not good for the baby."

It was a breathtaking clash, and in any place other than

The Handmaid's Tale's Gilead, would surely signify an irreparable rupture between two characters. But as we've seen in the Emmy-winning show's second season, which drew to a close this week, it was just another battle in the conjoined lives of Serena, a Commander's wife, and June, her Handmaid (who is called Offred). Their increasingly complicated dynamic — which veers between loathing and friendship, abuse and kindness — has provided the show's narrative tension this season. As acting partners, Moss and Strahovski have played their high-stakes roles with exactness and poignancy.

With the real-life backdrop of United States current events that sometimes makes

The Handmaid's Tale feel like it could be the country's nightmarish future, Serena and June are a will-they-or-won't-they pairing for the Trump years. That Strahovski's Serena looks (and sounds) like she could be one of the complicit blonde women of the Trump administration — say, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, or Ivanka Trump — is yet another accidental ripped-from-the-headlines parallel of

The Handmaid's Tale.

But the question is not if Serena and June will date, but whether they will kill each other, or save each other. When asked about working with Moss, Strahovski told BuzzFeed News they try to find something new in each take. "It's astounding to be able to have a sparring partner like that," she said, calling the characters' close connection a "weird, tumultuous awkwardness."

Bruce Miller, the creator of

The Handmaid's Tale, ...

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