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Cyber crime in France: campaign looks to boost preventative practices > article > science-and-technology

...In France, this event is led by the Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information (ANSSI), a governmental computer security body, and, a website which members of the public can use to report cyber attacks.... ..."We noticed 2.5 million people on our website in 2021, with more than 173,000 requests for cyber attack assistance, up 180% from 2020," said Béatrice Hervieu, public relations officer at

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White House Unveils Artificial Intelligence "Bill of Rights"

...White House Unveils Artificial Intelligence "Bill of Rights".... ...In May, sources said Carnegie Mellon University researchers and staffers from the American Civil Liberties Union spoke with OSTP officials about child welfare agencies" use of algorithms. Nelson said protecting children from technology harms remains an area of concern....

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Safe Security ROSI Calculator empowers CISOs and CFOs to quantify the reduction in cyber risk

...Phil Harris, Research Director, Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services at IDC, added, "There is a significant market need to simplify cyber risk quantification and the associated business discussions....

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This startup out of Carnegie Mellon wrangled my tabs once and for all

...There are, of course, tab-wrangling solutions in the market: Workona, Opera and Heyday, a vertical tabs feature recently introduced for Safari, etc. I never considered any of them, and I'm a terminally organized control freak obsessed with productivity.... ...A friend who works at CMU here in Pittsburgh dropped a link in our (Google, duh) chat to a Medium post written by Niki Kittur, a professor at CMU's Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the CEO/founder of Skeema, a Chrome extension that immediately changed how I spend my day on the internet...

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UK Taqueira Under Trademark Threat Gets 100k People Worth Of Public Support

..."Taqueria" simply means "place that sells tacos." But once that trademark was granted, it is equally silly for Worldwide Taqueria to go around issuing legal threats to other taco joints that use the word in their names and branding, which is what happened to Sonora Taqueria.... ...More than 100,000 people have signed an online petition in support of Sonora Taqueria, the Mexican-owned London business which was hit with a legal threat over its use of the word "taqueria" from a restaurant competitor in early September. "Did you know that Taqueria means?...

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Candidates for Secretary of State discuss election security

...Candidates for Secretary of State discuss election security. CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate was in Blackhawk County Tuesday where the ballot boxes were being checked ahead of the November elections.... ..."We have 99 tentacles hanging off of the machine that's in Des Moines and we don't know if the end-users, whatever county that may be, maybe doing everything they should be.". Miller said each county's information was attached directly to the state's database to report numbers....

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CommonSpirit Health says it experienced "IT security incident" in multiple regions > news

..."This is impacting multiple CommonSpirit divisions," spokesperson Chad Burns told Healthcare Dive in an emailed statement.... ...Some of CommonSpirit's facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, moved certain systems offline including electronic health records, according to a statement from CHI Memorial, which operates two hospitals in the Chattanooga area....

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'Relentless': More Aussie data stolen > business > Companies > news-story

...Further, there were about 900,000 customers who had numbers from expired identification documents stolen, as well as personal information, Optus revealed.... ...Australian businesses are being inundated by cybersecurity incidents and are dealing with an average of over 55 alerts daily -- the highest across the Asia Pacific region -- according to a report from cybersecurity specialists Trellix which was formerly known as McAfee....

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Poole security firm TDSi receive National Cyber Security Centre accreditation

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You Should Clear Your Android Phone's Cache Today > tech > mobile

...Whether your Android phone uses Google Chrome, Firefox or Samsung Internet, it collects and stores data every time you surf the web. This information makes up your cookies and cache, and it helps your phone speedily log in to your accounts and load frequently visited sites.... ...Chrome browser (often the default for many Android phones like the Google Pixel line), Samsung's Internet browser (often the default on the Galaxy phone series) and Mozilla's Firefox browser....