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Toklas, London: "Serves fabulous chips" - restaurant review | Food > food > may

...Simple food expertly cooked at Toklas will put you on a high -- and that's before you even get to the chips. Toklas, 1 Surrey Street, London WC2R 2ND (020 2930 8592). Starters £8-£16, mains £17-£27, desserts £5-£9, wines from £28.... ...For the record that new head chef is Yohei Furuhashi, who has time at the River Café and Petersham Nurseries on his CV. This fits with the virtuous simplicity of the food. I returned a few days later, this time for dinner. I even booked under a pseudonym and everything....

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Meera Sodha's vegan recipe for kimchi and tomato spaghetti with sesame breadcrumbs | The new vegan > food > may

...Meera Sodha's vegan recipe for kimchi and tomato spaghetti with sesame breadcrumbs. Eaten raw, kimchi's crunchy sourness can be borderline addictive. But cooked, the Korean staple takes on a whole new profile. Kimchi has a split personality.... ...Kimchi varies enormously in quality and saltiness. Buy the best you can (I like Eaten Alive and King Kong Kimchi) and adjust the seasoning to suit you. Gochugaru is Korea's main squeeze when it comes to chilli. It smells sweet, like dehydrated strawberries, and has a low to medium heat....

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How a "Skateboarder Punk Mentality" Inspired David Wynn's Burgeoning LA Hospitality Empire > food-drink > dining

...Kensho Group founder/owner David Wynn often skateboards around Los Angeles thinking about his to-do list. There are the hotel rooms he has to open and the spaces around the city he plans to turn into restaurants, bars or event hubs.... ...In April, Wynn and Kyoto-born executive chef Yoya Takahashi (who previously ran the kitchen at Michael Ovitz's Hamasaku restaurant) opened Kodō, an Arts District izakaya....