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LastPass Customers: Change All of Your Passwords Now > tech

...In late December, LastPass CEO Karim Toubba acknowledged in a blog post that a security incident the company disclosed in August had eventually led... ...Bitwarden's free tier allows you to use the password manager across an unlimited number of devices across device types...

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Don't Like Facebook Memories? Here's How to Stop Them > tech

...Here's how to hide memories in the Facebook mobile app.1. Open the Facebook app on your phone.2.... ...All Memories means Facebook will show you all your memories from that day, Highlights will only show you special videos and collections, and None...

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How to Sign Up for Amazon's New $5 Prescription Subscription > health > medical

...Amazon Pharmacy this week launched RxPass, a monthly subscription service for generic medications covering common health conditions like diabetes... ...RxPass does not help you get a prescription, so you must already have one from a doctor to transfer over to Amazon.You must have an Amazon Prime...

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Social Security 2023: Here's When You Can Expect Your February Check to Arrive > personal-finance

...The Social Security Administration disburses its checks in rounds throughout the month.... ...The Social Security Administration typically sends out payments on the second, third and fourth Wednesdays of each month....

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Why Do We Turn Down the Radio When We're Lost? > life

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Why Is My Wi-Fi Down? 5 Common Reasons, and How to Fix It > how-to

...Also, keep in mind that your device may have a battery backup....

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If You Have an Apple Watch, You Can Monitor Your Blood Pressure From Home > deals

...If you own an Apple Watch, you already have a good starting point for tracking your blood pressure at home.Daily tracking can help you establish... ...The Omron BPM syncs to your Apple watch via the Omron Connect mobile app using Bluetooth....

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Skeletons, Slides, and Snow - The Week in Review

...These were the week's most popular posts: 27 Google Drive Tips and Tricks 2. Dozens of PowerPoint Tips & Tricks 3.... ...Using Google Slides to Organize Research 6. A Classic Search Lesson from My Archives 7...

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Here Are 9 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in 2023 > culture

...Read on to learn more about Black History Month and the ways in which you can participate.The story of Black History MonthBorn as a sharecropper... ...President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month in 1976 during the US bicentennial....