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How to create a virtual avatar in the Metaverse

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...For those who are not very familiar with these environments, one could say that it is something similar to that found in works of fiction such as Neal... ...Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash or the film Ready Player One....

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Using Dollar Cost Averaging to Invest in ADA Over Time


...Cardano's ADA cryptocurrency has seen its fair share of price volatility since its launch in 2017.... ...For investors looking to build a position in ADA, dollar cost averaging can be an effective way to invest over time while smoothing out the impact... ...In conclusion, dollar cost averaging can be an excellent hands-off approach for long-term Cardano investors to accumulate ADA.... ...Staking lets Cardano holders earn rewards for participating in the network validation process....

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How To Remove My Phone Number From The Internet

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...Whether you’re concerned about privacy, unwanted calls, or potential identity theft, removing your phone number from the internet is a wise decision... ...use your phone number as a starting point to gather more personal information about you, potentially leading to identity theft.... ...Here are several reasons why it is crucial to remove your phone number from public view online: Protect against identity theft: Cybercriminals may...

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No idea how to please a woman? Here's what to do


...The man in question – let’s call him Elias, though that is not his real name – was trying very hard to give me pleasure, but his fingers were nowhere... ...Dear reader, it's time to lift the veil on what some people claim is the universe's biggest mystery: (Side bar: it's not a mystery, a lot of men... ...Just for the record, while I'm a sex columnist, I'm not implying that I'm great in bed (I'd like to think I'm good but I"ll let my sexual partners...

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How To Remove My Phone Number From Internet

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...Another risk is the potential for identity theft or fraud.... ...Review your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and remove your phone number from your profile settings....

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My situationship wants me to accompany him to hospital - how do I ...

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iOS 17 upgrade bug: what to do if you get stuck on the Apple logo during iPhone 15 setup


...Apple has identified an iOS 17 bug which may affect the iPhone 15 upgrade experience today.... ...If you encounter the bug, during the transfer of apps and data, the new iPhone will get stuck in a boot loop on the Apple logo screen.... ...Follow Benjamin: @bzamayo on Twitter, Threads, and Mastodon... ...However, if you are upgrading to an iPhone model earlier than the 15 series, a fix for the transfer data glitch is not yet available....

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How to manage friendships and keep healthy boundaries


...Dans les autres matchs, le FC Barcelone n’a fait qu’une bouchée du Royal Antwerp (5-0), qui participe à sa première Ligue des champions.... ...Le champion en titre Manchester City était aussi de sortie ce mardi, et s’est fait peur pour l’entame de la défense de son titre face à l’Étoile... ...Plus tôt dans la soirée, le RB Leipzig de Xavi Simons, encore titulaire, a disposé des Young Boys de Berne (3-1).... ...Dans le choc du groupe E, l"Atletico a concédé le nul sur la pelouse du Stadio Olimpico de la Lazio Rome (1-1), dans les dernières minutes, grâce...

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Speaker urges action on climate change


...Fakafanua said in New York, at a meeting he co-hosted.... ...affecting Tonga.... ...Lord Fakafanua is working with the Copenhagen Consensus Center "think tank" in conducting a cost benefit study in Tonga to assess government interventions... ...The Speaker co-hosted the meeting with the Governments of Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria....

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Bitcoin Price Hints At Potential Correction, Buy The Dip?

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...Besides, there was a break below a major bullish trend line with support near $26,800 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair.... ...Bitcoin price is again moving lower from the $27,500 resistance. BTC could extend its decline and revisit the $25,400 support zone.... ...Hourly MACD – The MACD is now losing pace in the bearish zone. Major Support Levels – $26,350, followed by $26,200.... ...If Bitcoin fails to start a fresh increase above the $27,000 resistance, it could continue to move down....