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German critics pan Oscar-nominated All Quiet On the Western Front > film > jan

...Oscar-nominated All Quiet On the Western Front fails to win over Germany.... ...Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung....

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AP issues clarification over its advice not to use term "the French" > media > jan

...The Associated Press Stylebook, considered one of the most reliable guides to correct use of the English language for journalists, has apologised... ...Ian Bremmer, a political scientist, suggested "people experiencing Frenchness" as an alternative, while the New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof...

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The week around the world in 20 pictures | Art and design > artanddesign > gallery > jan

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Senior EU official calls for a "Radio Free Russia" to help exiled media > world > jan

...V?ra Jourová, the European Commission vice-president in charge of values and transparency, said the EU had a moral duty to support democratic ideals... ...During a speech at Estonia's foreign ministry, Jourová called for a Radio Free Russia project to support independent Russian media that have been...

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All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt review - experimental film pulls on the senses > film > jan

...There will be a moment in All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, the gorgeous, unconventional debut from Raven Jackson, when the film's spell works.... ...Sasha Gordon and Victor Magro....

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UK for sale: how the wealthy hold British property via offshore firms > business > jan

...The BBC chair, Richard Sharp, more than 20 Conservative donors, a string of billionaire businessmen and the Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton are... ...Fink owns part of the St Pancras Renaissance hotel building through a Guernsey-based vehicle....

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Donald Trelford obituary > media > jan

...Donald Trelford, who has died from cancer aged 85, edited the Observer, the world's oldest Sunday newspaper, for 18 years from 1975, while fighting... ...They included, at various times, Clive James, as the paper's television critic, the columnists Katharine Whitehorn and Sue Arnold, Geoffrey Lean,...

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Wanda Sykes on Trump's Facebook return: "Like letting Hannibal Lecter babysit your most delicious child" > culture > jan

...Wanda Sykes, the Daily Show's guest host for the week, tore into Meta's decision to reinstate Donald Trump to Facebook and Instagram on Thursday... ...On Late Night, Seth Meyers mocked Tucker Carlson's latest conspiracy theory, this time on how classified documents found at Mike Pence's Indiana...

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More than a woman: images of female empowerment - in pictures > artanddesign > gallery > jan

...Untitled, 2022, from the series Beauty Contest by Vicky Hodgson...

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Facebook is allowing Trump back. The platform hasn't learned its lesson > us-news > commentisfree > jan

...It was left to Nick Clegg -- once a great hope for liberal politics in Britain, nowadays cutting a sad figure as global lobbyist for a company with... ...The Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi, after years of evading criminal punishment, was eventually sentenced to community service....